Gift List

As we have two lovely homes
there are not too many items
that we do not already own
We value you for your wedding presence
rather than your wedding presents
but if you really do insist
please visit Amazon for our gift list
Since we do not yet know where we will live
or if we need a chopping board or a sieve
we hope you donít find our request to be funny
but we could really use a gift of money

The choice is really up to you and we would like to say
We hope you come, enjoy yourselves and have a lovely day

An Explanation

As some of you are aware, we will be living apart for the first six months of our married life, while Tony finishes his job at the Olympics. After this he hopes to find work near Nikki, then we can look at moving to a new house. This means we don't know what items we need, or what size the rooms will be, or the colour of the interior, which makes predicting what we want for setting up home a tad difficult. This is why we are asking for money, which can then be put towards items for the new home once we have found one.

We have created a small gift list at amazon for those of you that would still prefer to give gifts. You should be able to find it by entering either of our names into the search box found at the above link.
If you wish to buy any of the items from the list from an alternative supplier let us know, so we can remove the item from the list.
Alternatively, if you wish to go "off list" completely that is not a problem either.

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